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Essential Self Care for Psychologists: Online Program

Do you ever feel like that because you’re a psychologist having good mental health and looking after yourself should just come easily to you?
Do you ever feel frustrated with yourself because it doesn’t??

Do you put off meeting your self-care needs because you run out of time?

I get it. 

But, you are NOT automatically granted immunity against life's stressors because you know how to help other people. 

You may KNOW what to do, but that is different from doing it!

In fact there are a number of things that may be working against you, because you are a mental health professional.

  • Burnout
  • Professional Isolation
  • Negative stigma about seeking help
  • Perceived lack of time
  • Lack of prioritising self-care
  • Limited Insight
  • Keeping distress secretive, because we fear looking incompetent
  • Utilising reactive instead of preventative strategies
  • An unsupportive and avoidant culture

These obstacles make it even MORE important to deliberately plan your self-care.

How often do you reschedule time off, have your business hours extend to after dinner, on the weekends?  Find yourself thinking about clients in your family time?

It’s time to prioritise your mental health and consciously create a self-care plan that works for you.

You need a way to maintain inner calm, confidence and connection

The good news is, whilst, you are responsible for your self-care, you don't have to do it alone
I created the Essential Self-Care for Psychologists course for psychologists just like you, because I want you to be able to help others without sacrificing YOUR own mental health.  

​You deserve to take the time to really look at how you can support your own mental  health and wellbeing.  

The Essential Self-Care Plan for Psychologists course uses mindful based strategies including mindfulness, awareness, radical acceptance and self-compassion to help you understand your unique needs.  

Using the principles of fierce self-care I will help you dig deep to figure out what YOU really need to take care of you, so that you can create a sustainable and thriving career. 

You will identify your self-care triggers, create YOUR unique self-care plan, identify and smash some of the common barriers to self-care, and establish client and work-life boundaries that work for you.

You will have new ways of looking at self-care AND the tools you need to support your ongoing mental health.  

You get:
The following 7 modules delivered - broken into bite sized pieces:

  • Module One: Knowing Your Stressors (and why that matters)
  • Module Two: The Five Foundations of Self-Care
  • Module Three: Figuring out what YOU really need
  • Module Four: Creating your UNIQUE self-care plan
  • Module Five: Smashing common barriers to self-care
  • Module Six: Establishing and protecting YOUR boundaries
  • Module Seven: The Wrap and achievement check in.
  • A workbook for each module
  • Templates to create your unique self-care plan

    The content is a mix of recorded video, and workbooks.  It is set up to in a recommended order and to allow time for reflection and implementation.  However, you will receive the content all at once.

    By the end you will have created a system to check in with your self-care needs, be able to meet your needs in a proactive and reactive way, and in a way that fits your lifestyle.

    This training will also help empower and inspire you to confidently and unashamedly stand up for YOUR self-care needs, so that you create the habit of regular, fierce self-care and stress management strategies, which can help decrease the risk of burnout and increase mental health.


    All up the module take about 4 hours, depending on how long you take for reflection, journalling, planning etc.  Module completion times currently range from about 20-45 minutes. 


    You sure can.  The amount you can claim depends on how long you take.  Working on your self-care is an integral part of being a psychologist. 

    After payment you will receive instant access to the course.  From there you have access straight away to all the modules.  

    This is right for you if:

    • You want to improve your mental health and personal wellbeing.
    • You want to reduce the impact of stress on your life.
    • You are sick of feeling guilty when you take time to care for yourself.
    • You want to create a morning routine that works for you
    • You want to learn how to figure out what you really need.
    • You want to minimise the prospect of burnout 

    This is NOT for you if:

    • You are looking for a physical activity program (I don’t teach yoga or pilates).
    • You are looking for therapy.  This is not therapy, or a substitute for therapy.
    • You cannot take 15-30 minutes a week to sort out your self-care.
    • You know that you will buy it and not do it.  Uh, uh.  I do not want to be responsible for adding to that list of courses you have impulsive bought and not used.  This is a course designed to be worked and lived, every day.

    The strategies in this program are all based on research and found to be beneficial to improving wellbeing – whether that be stress management, mindfulness, awareness, increasing calm, practicing gratitude, or confidence.
    Now, of course I can't guarantee results, as I can't control whether you will spend the time to actually open the modules and do the work, only you can do that.

    I can share with you one client's reactions about the live program:

    "This program is so worthwhile, a really good balance between really taking stock and focusing on your self-care but without being overwhelming. Kim is really knowledgeable and has designed a program with many useful things to be reminded of in manageable chunks. It is wonderful to have a space to share about one's self-care without feeling judged as a psychologist. "

    Your investment is only $197 for the program.  

    Do you feel stuck with knowing what else to do for self-care?
    Is what you’re trying not really working?
    Are you wanting a way to prolong your career as a psychologist?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are probably in the right spot.


    7 Modules

    Knowing your stressors and why self-care matters.

    In this Module it's time to get honest with yourself about what keeps you up at night.  We get real about burnout, and take time to reflect on what's really getting in the way of your self care.

    Create your UNIQUE self-care plan.

    this module brings together all the work you have done so far.  

    You  will see how self-care can be integrated into your life by using the information you have gathered to  create a morning routine that suits you.  - how to choose activities that meet your self-care needs.

    You will practice your check in strategies, pick a focus area for the week and can review your goals using the SMART goal method.

    Common barriers to self-care

    Barriers are things that get in the way of you achieving your goals.

    , in this module you will

    • Assess if, and how the common barriers to self-care apply to you.
    • Identify and review what is stopping you from engaging in the self-care you need.
    • Develop your own strategies for overcoming the relevant  barriers.
    Modules for this product 7
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    This course has been designed in good faith.  It is not a substitute for therapy nor does it seek to be seen as therapy.  It is a preventative self-care model.  

    If you are experiencing significant stress I recommend you see your regular therapist, supervisor or GP.  

    You acknowledge that the possible outcomes of this course cannot be guaranteed as they depend on your willingness/ability to carry out the work outlined in the 7 modules.  

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