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Time to Check In

Are you dreading waking up because it means you have to go to work.

  • Working with a client and realising you aren’t following what they’ve said, and you don’t particularly care.
  • Feeling exhausted, but not being able to sleep because tomorrow you have to go to work.
  • Wanting a holiday, but not having enough funds to take time off
  • Doubting your career choices and dreaming of getting an job where you don’t have to talk to anyone and they pay you - like stacking shelves
  • Not seeing a way out
  • Having trouble sleeping

If you have ever found yourself saying "I can’t cope.  I’m going to leave and get a job stacking shelves.  It’s not worth it."  you are not alone.

Now whilst we all might say this occasionally, when does it stop being a throw away comment and reflect that you might be on a road to burnout?   Because burnout, coping and self-care can only be ignored for so long.

If you are ready to start taking more charge of your life and wake up with increased enthusiasm download this handy resource. 


I know that YOU know, a fair bit about helping other people cope.  But YOU know as well as I do that knowledge does NOT equal perspective, wisdom, motivation or capacity to act.

This is where I step in.  In this FREE resource:

  • YOU will get clarity and perspective over what may be contributing to your risk of burnout (no romance or glamour and definitely not sexy). 
  • YOU will get a score for each of the three areas: work, personal and client.
  • YOU will get lifetime access, including any updates and additions to material.  So, you can come back and re use this tool on a regular basis.  


This FREE resource includes two parts:

1. An 14 page downloadable resource.  This looks at definitions of burnout and contains details of six of the organisational factors contributing to burnout (with examples that apply to both workplaces and private practice).  It also contains reflection questions with space for writing. 

2. An excel sheet with questions that will measure the current level of burnout you are experiencing in three areas: workplace, client and personal burnout.  The questionnaire used is the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI).  I have formulated this so that your score is automatically calculated.  

You can complete the CBI in a few minutes, but I do recommend you allow between 10-20 minutes for reflection.


  • Having an independent measurement is is a great way of keeping track of how you are coping.  It can act like a warning signal - like a canary in a mine.
  • Breaking down how you are coping into three sections gives you information as to what aspect needs the most attention.  You may love your client work, but the place you are working is stressful.  Or perhaps your home life is where your greatest stress lies.  
  • The journalling questions allow for self-reflection and insight development as to the areas of overwhelm, boundary violation and mismatches between your environment, expectations and values.


          YOU can look beyond the surface and step your foot firmly on the path of improving your ability to survive and thrive.  

          YOU are a new graduate and want to keep a close eye on how you are coping.

          YOU are a seasoned professional questioning your wellbeing.

          YOU are aware that you are going through a particularly difficult time and know how easy it is to lose perspective.


YOU are looking for counselling or treatment.  This is a first bite (step) tool, designed to raise awareness.  


I think so.  Looking after your self-care is an important part of a sustainable, thriving practice, but it's so easy to keep putting it off.  If you have made it this far I know YOU want things to change, and YOU are probably ready to make looking after yourself a priority.  

Completing this first step, will help you realise where your overwhelm is coming from.  


Click on the Sign Up button.  You will then receive your log in details.  You will also receive a hello email from me. 


1. What if I get stuck and can't access the content?

You can contact Kim Ross here.

2. What if doing this raises anxiety or other concerns for me?

If after using this resource you notice distress I recommend you contact your GP or therapist.  If you are NOT distressed, but motivated to take action, have a look at other resources in the Hub or see 'Can I work with you individually?'

3. Can I work with you individually?

Yes.  I offer opportunities to work with me on your self-care on an individual (and group basis).  


Burnout, coping and self-care are multi-dimensional and can be very complex. You are welcome to book an appointment with me or have a look at the self-paced Essential Self-Care for Psychologists On-Line Program

And remember - this resource is FREE, download the module and get started.

1 Module

Time to Check In

This module includes two parts:

a mini workbook containing information on organisational factors contributing to burnout (with examples that apply to both workplaces and private practice) and space for reflection. 

The second part is the Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (CBI) which provides you with three scores: workplace, client and personal burnout. 

You can complete the CBI in a few minutes, but I recommend you allow between 10-20 minutes for reflection.

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This questionnaire and explanations have been provided for your use in good faith.  They are not a substitute for therapy nor do they seek to be seen as therapy. 

If you are experiencing significant stress, or completing this module causes you any distress,  I recommend you see your regular therapist, supervisor or GP.  

By downloading this mini workbook you will receive a welcome email and then regular emails with other tips and strategies about ways to help you survive and thrive as a mental health professional.

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