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How to survive and thrive as a psychologist


Congratulations on becoming a psychologist.  I know you have had a long road to get here, and the growth and challenges are never ending.  It is a demanding profession and to survive and thrive requires support, trust and planning.

You may think that working in the mental health profession would provide some immunity against common workplace problems such as bullying, incompetency, lack of support, disrespect and unethical behaviour.

You would be wrong.

Whilst you will meet many wonderful fellow psychologists and other mental health professionals, I encourage you to adjust your expectations a little and look at the person, not the label.  Plan how you are going to make this career work for you.  It's time to set boundaries, acknowledge expectations, set up support systems and buckle your seat belts.

To support you on your journey I have shared my top five tips to survive and thrive as a psychologist.  

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Five top tips to survive and thrive as a psychologist

Before you continue, take a moment, grab a cup of coffee, a pen and some paper and think about your expectations of the psychology profession.

Why did you become a psychologist?

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All advice given in this ebook is of a general nature.  It should not be taken as personal advice.  It is based on my experience over 17 years as a psychologist.

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