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My Daily Connection Journal

The 14 day Your Daily Connection Journal contains a carefully selected quote and complementary prompt for each day, carefully selected to encourage curiosity, reflection and connection.   

Writing things down can interrupt the pattern of rumination, create perspective, help you get unstuck from troublesome thoughts and feelings, and facilitate the process of acceptance and/or problem solving.

Lost your writing mojo, never started a writing practice, Your Daily Connection Journal can help.

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This product has been created in good faith to help you reconnect with yourself.  

It is not therapy, or meant to replace therapy in anyway.

If you are feeling significant distress, on medication, or seeing a therapist, please consult with them first. 

If you experience distress as a result of anything that comes up with your during the course of the using this product please consult with your therapist, if you have one, or your GP.

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